The 21st Century Motherhood Movement

Rare are the days I’d do Grace Paley proud.

Between pick-up and drop-off, whole days slip by me in sentences, only a few of which are political. So it goes, I tell myself, you’re doing the work of a mother and a professor—contributing to the greater good. Besides, you write, and isn’t writing itself is a political act?

No. Or rather, not often enough.

But today, thanks to Andrea O’Reilly, the powerhouse behind the Association for Research on Mothering, this one writermama can feel good about walking her talk.

The 21st Century Motherhood Movement: Mothers Speak Out on Why We Need to Change the World and How to Do It is now out from Demeter Press in Toronto. 978 pages!

Here’s the blurb:

This anthology, the first on the 21st century motherhood movement,includes seven sec- tions: Becoming a Mother; Maternal Identities; Maternal Advocacy; Maternal Activism; Violence, Militarism, War and Peace; Social Change and Social Justice; Writing/Research- ing/Performing Motherhood—and features more than eighty motherhood organizations from around the globe.

And the plug:

“Bringing together a variety of perspectives and voices in a rich mix, it explores the many facets of maternal activism and provides a much-needed resource for anyone who wants to understand mothers’ efforts to make the personal political.”

~Pamela Stone, Hunter College and Graduate Center of the City University of New York and author of Opting Out? Why Women Really Quit Careers and Head Home







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